रविवार, २४ ऑगस्ट, २००८

धारप गेले

माझा एक आवडता भयकथा लेखक गेला ... नारायण धारप
खरच वाईट वाटतय ...

Narayan Dharap, who carved a niche for himself by authoring science fiction as well as horror stories in Marathi, died in Pune on Monday night.

He was 82.

A prolific writer who penned over 100 novels and a large collections of suspense stories over the past three decades, Dharap handled genre of science fiction in Marathi in a style that caught the readers' imagination.

A popular feature of his writing was the creation of a fictional character called "Samarth" (The invincible) who represented the triumph of good over evil in the works that depicted events based on para-psychology and an element of the supernatural.

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